Technofruit Professional Hair Color: The Sustainable Luxury Choice for Colorado Salon Suites and Booth Renters

Technofruit Professional Hair Color: The Sustainable Luxury Choice for Colorado Salon Suites and Booth Renters


Available at Glam Concepts - Convenient pickup in Downtown Denver, Colorado or by Uber delivery!

Alter Ego Italy: A Commitment to Sustainability and Kindness

Alter Ego Italy, the creators of Technofruit professional hair color, have built a reputation for developing high-quality, eco-friendly hair products that prioritize both performance and environmental responsibility. Their dedication to sustainability and "made with kindness" approach set them apart in the world of professional hair color, making Technofruit the go-to choice for luxury salon suites and booth renters in Colorado.

Why Choose Technofruit Professional Hair Color?

Technofruit by Alter Ego Italy offers a range of professional hair color solutions designed to provide vibrant, long-lasting results while minimizing the environmental impact. Here's what makes Technofruit the ideal choice for salon suites and booth renters in Colorado:

1. Sustainable Formulations

Technofruit hair color is made using environmentally friendly practices and ingredients, ensuring that you can provide top-quality services to your clients while supporting a greener future. The brand's commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of eco-friendly packaging and responsible manufacturing processes.

2. Made with Kindness

Alter Ego Italy's "made with kindness" philosophy is an integral part of their company culture, and it extends to every aspect of their business, from product development to customer service. By choosing Technofruit, you're not only offering your clients premium hair color services but also contributing to a more compassionate and sustainable beauty industry.

3. Superior Performance

Technofruit professional hair color delivers exceptional color results, offering a wide range of vibrant shades (over 122 currently!) and a long-lasting finish. The advanced formulations are gentle on the hair and scalp, making them suitable for even the most sensitive clients. Our Alter Ego Italy Activator (developer) is also considered to be among the best in the world.

Technofruit Color Chart - 122 Shades of Luxury Italian Hair Color available at Glam Concepts - Denver, CO

Stand Out in the Colorado Market with Technofruit

As a salon suite or booth renter in Colorado, you need to differentiate yourself in a competitive market. By choosing Technofruit professional hair color, you'll be able to provide your clients with an exceptional hair color experience while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and kindness.

Join the Technofruit Revolution Today!

Ready to become the go-to luxury professional color line for booth renters and salon suite owners in Colorado? Make the switch to Technofruit by Alter Ego Italy and experience the difference for yourself. Your clients will love the stunning color results, and you'll feel good knowing that you're supporting a more sustainable and compassionate beauty industry.


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