CUREEGO Hydraday Shampoo

CUREEGO Hydraday Shampoo

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CureEgo - Hydraday Shampoo

Hydraday Frequent

Use Shampoo


Ideal for all hair types for frequent use, it preserves the water balance of the hair fibre,

gently cleansing while restoring shine, moisture and vitality. Its formula cleanses gently

and is also suitable for daily use.


Apply on wet scalp and hair, massage gently. Leave in for a few minutes and then

rinse. Apply again if necessary.



For frequent use
The HYDRADAY family was developed as an ideal solution to preserve the proper
hydrolipidic film after frequent washing.
Active ingredients
The products are formulated with fermented Rice Water, rich in antioxidants,
amino acids and proteins, which promote a healthy hair appearance and prevent
dehydration. The formulas, enriched with essence of vine from the Emilian hills, give
the hair shine and elasticity.
Complete treatment ritual
Wash with Hydraday Shampoo. For medium-thick hair, apply Hydraday
Conditioner to the lengths, leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse.
For medium or fine hair, apply Hydraday Liquid Conditioner to the lengths after
shampooing and rinse immediately.
For an extra moisturising step, apply Hydraday Whipped Cream to towel-dried hair
before styling.