TECHNOFRUIT COLOR Permanent Hair Colour: Shades List Section 2
TECHNOFRUIT COLOR Permanent Hair Colour: Shades List Section 2
TECHNOFRUIT COLOR Permanent Hair Colour: Shades List Section 2
TECHNOFRUIT COLOR Permanent Hair Colour: Shades List Section 2

TECHNOFRUIT COLOR Permanent Hair Colour: Shades List Section 2

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This product can be sold to Colorado licensed beauty professionals only.

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Tecnho Fruit Color empowers professional colorists with proven high-performance results to increase the success of in- salon services.


1   precise, predictable, high definition color results

2   high definition hue

3   effective anti-age action

4   total respect of the internal and external hair structure

5   maximum color  retention

6   smooth and protected external hair surface

7   extraordinary "brilliance" and "shine"

8   provides 100% grey hair coverage

9   high scalp comfort during application

10 rich texture makes it easy to mix and apply

TECHNOLOGY: The Keratin Delivery System transports micro color pigments, precious regenerating active ingredients and restructuring protein substances to strengthen and rebuild the internal hair structure. It guarantees 3 key benefits:

MAXIMUM COLOR HOLD: the regenerating and restructuring action of keratin and protein on the internal hair structure, facilitates the perfect adhesion of the micro-size color pigments

BRILLIANCE: the mix of nourishing oils forms a protective film around the cuticle, which results smoother and better reflects the incredible shine of the shades

ANTI-AGING ACTION: the elevated anti-oxidizing power of Garcinia Mangosteen is extremely effective in countering the formation of free radicals

122 nuances


In a non-metallic bowl mix 50 ml of Technofruit Color hair coloring cream with 75  ml of oxidizing emulsion at the chosen volume depending on the desired level of lift to be reached (mixing ratio 1:1,5) 

Superlightener Series: mix 50 ml of Superlightener Technofruit Color with 100 ml of oxidizing emulsion 40 volumes (mixing ratio 1:2)

Complete list of colours:

5/00 Light Deep Chestnut

6/00 Dark Deep Blonde

7/00 Deep Blonde

8/00 Light Deep Blonde

9/00 Very Light Deep Blonde

10/00 Deep Blonde Platinum

4/8 Chestnut Matte

5/8 Light Chestnut Matte

6/8 Dark Blondematte

7/8 Blonde Matte

5/11 Light Chestnut Intense Ash

6/11 Dark Blonde Intense Ash

7/11 Blonde Intense Ash

8/11 Light Blonde Intense Ash

9/11 Very Light Blonde Intense Ash

10/11 Blonde Platinum Intense Ash

4/72 Chestnut Brown Iris

5/72 Light Chestnut Brown Iris

6/72 Dark Blonde Brown Iris

7/72 Blonde Brown Iris

1/0 Black

3/0 Dark Chestnut

4/0 Chestnut

5/0 Light Chestnut

6/0 Dark Blonde

7/0 Blonde

8/0 Light Blonde

9/0 Very Light Blonde

10/0 Blonde Platinum

1/10 Black Blue

5/1 Light Chestnut Ash

6/1 Dark Blonde Ash

7/1 Blonde Ash

8/1 Light Blonde Ash

9/1 Very Light Blonde Ash

10/1 Blonde Platinum Ash

5/31 Light Chestnut Golden Ash

6/31 Dark Blondegolden Ash

7/31 Blonde Goldenash

8/31 Light Blonde Golden Ash

9/31 Very Light Blonde Golden Ash

10/31 Blonde Platinum Golden Ash

5/32 Light Chestnut Golden Iris

6/32 Dark Blonde Golden

7/32 Blonde Golden Iris

8/32 Light Blonde Golden Iris

9/32 Very Light Blonde Golden Iris

10/32 Blonde Platinum Golden Iris

5/3 Light Chestnut Golden

6/3 Dark Blonde Golden

7/3 Blonde Golden

8/3 Light Blonde Golden

9/3 Very Light Blonde Golden

10/3 Blonde Platinum Golden

6/34 Dark Blonde Golden Copper

7/34 Blonde Golden Copper

8/34 Light Blonde Golden Copper

4/7 Chestnut Brown

5/7 Light Chestnut Brown

6/7 Dark Blonde Brown

7/7 Walnut Blonde Brown

8/7 Light Blonde Hazelnut

9/7 Very Light Blonde Savannah

10/7 Blonde Platinum Sand

9/04 Very Light Blonde Natural Copper

10/04 Blonde Platinum Natural Copper

5/43 Light Chestnut Copper Golden

6/43 Dark Blonde Copper Golden

7/43 Blonde Copper Golden

8/43 Light Blonde Copper Golden

4/4 Chestnut Copper

5/4 Light Chestnut Copper

6/4 Dark Blonde Copper

7/4 Blonde Copper

8/4 Light Chestnut Copper Golden

6/44 Dark Blonde Intense Copper

7/44 Blonde Intense Copper

8/44 Light Blonde Intense Copper

5/46 Light Chestnut Copper Red

6/46 Dark Blonde Copper Red

3/6 Dark Chestnut Red

4/6 Chestnut Red

5/6 Light Chestnut Red

6/6 Dark Blonde Red

7/6 Blonde Red

4/5 Chestnut Mahogany

5/5 Light Chestnut Mahogany

6/5 Dark Blonde Mahogany

4/51 Chestnut Mahogany Ash

5/51 Light Chestnut Mahogany Ash

6/51 Dark Blonde Mahogany Ash

7/51 Blonde Mahogany Ash

2/20 Brown Deep Iris

3/22 Dark Chestnut Intense Iris

4/22 Chestnut Intense Iris

5/22 Light Chestnut Intense Iris

6/22 Dark Blonde Intense Iris

5/26 Light Chestnut Iris Red

6/26 Dark Blonde Iris Red

7/26 Blonde Iris Red

4/551 Chestnut Mahogany Intense Ash

5/626 Light Chestnut Red Intense Iris

6/656 Dark Blonde Red Intense Mahogany

6/666 Dark Blonde Extra Intense Red

7/446 Blonde Copper Intense Red







11/0 Super Lightener Natural

11/1 Super Lightener Blonde Ash

11/2 Super Lightener Iris

11/3 Super Lightener Golden

11/13 Super Lightener Ash Golden

11/21 Super Lightener Iris Ash

4/71 Chestnut Brown Ash

5/71 Light Chestnut Brown Ash

6/71 Dark Blonde Brown Ash

7/71 Blonde Brown Ash

7/2 Blonde Iris

8/2 Light Blonde Iris

9/2 Very Light Blonde Iris

10/2 Blonde Platinum Iris